Wisdom from Christ

Wisdom: a lifetime goal!

Starting with Scripture in the book of wisdom (Proverbs)…let’s read in Proverb 2:1-7.

As an information culture that the world is right now, dubbed by many as the Information Age, where we have at disposal, tons of information. But, even with so much information, where is the wisdom? There is a difference between wisdom and knowledge.

Scriptures tell us more about acquiring wisdom, not so much about knowledge. Yes there are a few times where we read to acquire knowledge. But, wisdom is a better benefit and gift from GOD. If we follow Biblical principles in our life, we will gain wisdom.

There are a couple of distinctions of wisdom there is to understand:

  • Wordly wisdom: the use of knowledge and information. Usually this is based on human understanding and reasoning. However, this type of wisdom is foolishness to the Lord (1 Corinthians 3:19).
  • Godly wisdom: the capacity to see things from GOD’s viewpoint, and being able to respond using Scripture. A person can bear any circumstance with this type of wisdom.

It’s good to seek after Godly wisdom, for no one is born with wisdom. Either seek Godly wisdom or witness the consequences for not having it. The world offers things you may desire, such as security, wealth, popularity, honor, beauty, etc. However, in Proverb 8:11, we learn that all desirable things pale in comparison to [Godly] wisdom. It’s a gift that GOD gives to those who search for it like hidden treasure (Proverb 2:4-7). It will require a diligent pursuit, because in a world so compromising to the Bible, we have to be self-controlled and reliant only on GOD (and for His desires for us).

Meditating on GOD’s Word is one of the quickest ways to obtain Godly wisdom as a gift. We should begin our everyday with a prayer and Bible reading before the Lord, to help us gain wisdom for the day. If His Word becomes neglected, then we will make poor choices. GOD’s wisdom is reserved for those that obey His Word and accurately apply His truths to our lives (Proverbs 8:33-34). So, it’s best to pray before the Lord and seek Him daily through His Word, so that He can give us wisdom for the day!

If you lack wisdom, then ask GOD for it (James 1:5-6). Wisdom can also come from observing the various lifestyles that people adopt, and seeing the outcomes that they produce. GOD uses ants, for example, to teach us that laziness is not good, and that we should work for our provisions diligently (Proverb 6:6-11).

Wisdom is a choice, one that should begin with a decision to trust Jesus Christ as Savior. We must follow the teachings of the Word of GOD and apply it to our life, so we can begin to walk in Godly wisdom.

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