True Courage

Time to Be Courageous!

The Lord knows the details of every situation that we face and will ever face. Therefore, it’s best to put your confidence in the Father. Knowing that He alone holds the key to your life, that He is the one keeping you alive – that should bring you courage. GOD knows where He’s leading us. We need to follow Him humbly and fully depend on Him. Through this dependence, He will provide the courage necessary to progress further in your life, despite challenges.

GOD is always willing to encourage us when we’re afraid. By looking to His strength, we can get through any situation without trouble. To be unscathed, that’s the beauty about it. When we can come out clean in every situation, we know our GOD is for us, not against us.

Now, faithful obedience to GOD in every situation is highly important. By being obedient to the Father, we’re allowing Him to prepare us for better and more challenging opportunities. Little decisions are insignificant to us, but GOD thinks otherwise. They’re significant. All things work out for your good, not just some things (Romans 8:28 ).

The Lord knows our doubts and so we need to make sure to stand firmly on the Word of GOD daily. We need to put on the full armor of GOD (Ephesians 6:10-18). GOD is your top priority, and as long as you make Him the priority, you will have great courage.

  • Don’t underestimate what GOD can do through you. He can use anyone, but because He uses you, that’s the good part.
  • GOD will always be with you, guiding you and helping you along in the path of life.
  • GOD’s ways are surprising, and challenging – but, through His Word, you can understand how to continue following Him. GOD’s ways are the successful ways, and the only way to reach success is through Him.

The key to courage is meditation upon GOD’s Word. Reflecting upon the Word of GOD daily will strengthen our will to survive and become a courageous person. It purifies us, comforts us, sharpens our discernment/perception of spiritual/worldly things, clarifies the direction of our lives, increases our faith, and keeps us aware and grateful of His presence and power.

Scriptural references and aids

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