Successful Living

Successful Living

As Christians, we don’t really have to be worried about success or failure. By focusing on GOD’s presence in our lives, GOD will make us successful no matter what. But, what does it take for you to realize this? A simple course on how GOD makes someone successful.

For starters, seeing your very existence, your breathing, your heartbeat, etc. as just part of the signs that success will come your way, you’ll begin to notice all of the wonderful small things that the Lord does for you everyday!

Because of the price that Jesus paid on the cross for each of our sins, we’re destined to be successful no matter what. One way to wrap it up in your mind is to decide that now that you have the gift of eternal life, which is the greatest success of all, you don’t have to worry about your life. This awesome gift is just the start and end of a successful life. When you are in love with GOD through His Son, Jesus Christ, everything begins to turn up for you.

One way to be successful, is to ask for success. Literally…ask for it! To ask GOD to bless you in finances, job(s), personal and business life, etc. is one way to go about asking for success. It’s believed to be an awesome way to inherit GOD’s blessing for you, is to literally accept it. Ask for and accept GOD’s blessing for your life right now, and see what happens in the next month, three months, six months, and twelve months. Note down in a journal all the blessings on your life and note the “impossible without GOD blessings” as well.

Embrace, also, your victory in Christ. By declaring good things to happen in your life and taking spiritual authority against evil, no longer will blessings fail to come into your life. By being close to GOD and using the authority He’s given you, you will automatically receive the blessings from GOD, because all the chains are broken free that are holding back the blessings. Embrace GOD closer and depend completely on Him and He will indeed bless you overflowing!

Helpful Scriptures

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