Self Discipline

Self-Discipline: Is it important?

In order to begin fulfilling GOD’s purposes for our lives, it’s important to have a sense of self-discipline. The distractions of everyday life keep us so busy that we easily forget about GOD’s purposes, which can lead to disobedience. When GOD tells you to start and you haven’t done that step yet, you’re walking the path of disobedience. We must exercise self-control and restraint, not just living aimlessly. We’re living to see the Kingdom of GOD someday.

We have a definite purpose and a prize (1 Corinthians 9:23-27). When we clearly define our goals and understand what disciplines are needed to achieve such goals, we’ll begin to see what GOD wills for our lives. It is discipline that determines our destiny, not just desire.

Self-discipline is personal training and it helps to develop self-control & character. This results in an efficient and orderly lifestyle, which is obedient to GOD. It is essential to godliness in all things according to the doctrines in 1 Timothy 4:7-8 and 1 Peter 1:15. We must have it to overcome the enemies that try to hinder us from our destiny: the devil, the World System, and the flesh (natural desires).

Without self-discipline, we often step outside of GOD’s Will and try to do our own thing. For some people, things fail when they try to make life go their way. But, when they let life go GOD’s way through His Will for their life, everything works out for their good (Romans 8:28). Sometimes consequences accompany those that don’t follow GOD’s will including poor health and financial debts for example.

Many irresponsible people have trouble with their jobs. It seems they’re in and out of jobs, because they don’t have the sense of discipline in many things. Reckless speech and tardiness, as well as laziness are common examples people go through jobs quickly.

How do I live a Disciplined life?

  1. Realize first that Jesus wants you to follow Him. If you follow Him, He will help you through the calling on your life. He will disciple you into GOD’s Kingdom, where you find peace, hope, and love.
  2. Read GOD’s Word. Spend time daily reading a small to large portion of His Word. Allow the Holy Spirit to teach you. Don’t forget to attend church on a regular basis.
  3. Pray. Taking time to be alone with the Father is important.
  4. Give. It’s important to give to the Lord (tithe) based on what He purposes in your heart. This will make you more responsible and disciplined.
  5. Have a definite goal or purpose. Goals will clarify what disciplines are needed, and help root the bad desires out.
  6. Get away from distractions. Don’t let anything distract you from the purposes GOD has placed inside of your heart. By pushing toward the purposes and Will of GOD for your life, you’re putting GOD first.
  7. Be diligent. Keep moving forward. Do not look back, but instead keep moving forward with what GOD has purposed for you. “Jesus said unto him, No man, having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God.'” (Luke 9:62).
  8. Be consistent. This is similar to diligence, but while you’re moving forward, so do with the same or greater effort also.

Living a disciplined life starts with you and your ability to arise beyond your circumstances to fulfill GOD’s purposes. When you do it, you’ll be blessed beyond measure.

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