For the curious: Chart the difference between career pastoring and life pastoring

The following is a chart explaining the difference between a career pastor and a life pastor. A career pastor is a spiritual leader that is paid a salary or adequate wages. A life pastor is a spiritual leader that pastors people in his everyday life and maybe in his vocation (usually a non-spiritual job).

Career PastorLife Pastor
Paid a salary/wagesNo pay agreement; open to donations
Dependent on church governanceIndependent of church governance (except to God)
Not completely free to speak (IRS prevents political speech)Totally free to speak on anything under the confines of speech in his country (example: US First Amendment)
Limited in scope of ministryUnlimited ministry
Motivational or life focused messages/sermons (frequently dictated by lectionary or set doctrine)Bible focus
Focus is on church growth & numbersFocus is on Kingdom furthering: Evangelism and spiritual improvement
Is part of a show: live music, speaking, activities, generic ceremonies, etc.Speaks whenever and wherever needed, and is unafraid to heal and/or deliver people at any time.

Leaders need to be long-sighted, not short-sighted.

You must keep moving in spiritual growth at all times!

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