Content Principles

Growing closer to God and experiencing peaceful bliss in His Love!

Three Guiding Principles for this site:

Principle 1

Free Speech: Our work involves expressing our own viewpoints in a respectful way to convey a culture of love and dignity.

Principle 2

No political/organizational bias: We are not governed by an organization, nor do we govern an organization. We do not have political views due to our bias of the Holy Bible. We guide our expressions of theology by the Holy Bible as sole evidence. The First Amendment applies to our expression, and we intend to keep it this way!

Principle 3

The gathering and presentation of information responsibly: We attempt to ensure that our work is expressed in a responsible way. This allows people to know that we are giving an opinion at all times, and it can be taken however the person may interpret it. Jesus was very accurate and adequate at expressing His opinion. We intend to take after His Example.


  • Comments are turned off on this site to avoid hate speech, debating, discrimination, prejudices, and other forms of controversial speech.
  • You may submit an idea for review on our contact page; however, theological debates will be ignored.
  • We provide this as a service dedicated to promoting the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God. It is not unto ourselves, nor do we intend to glorify ourselves.
  • The giving of money to our work is allowed; however, we do not rely on donations.
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