Dealing with Guilt

Dealing with Guilt at its root

Many people feel like they’re worthy of blame. Yes, it’s true to be in a spot of blame if you actually did something wrong. But, what happens when you feel guilty but cannot pinpoint the source of the problem? What happens if you’re guilty, but haven’t solved a situation? How do you get to peace in your heart, if all is there is guilt? These questions are to seek GOD about. Guilt should not operate in our lives. A sense of condemnation can rob someone of joy, peace, and prosperity in their life.

What is guilt? It can be defined in a couple of ways. The first is a state of having done a wrong deed or committing an offense, legal or ethical. The second of such is a painful feeling of condemning oneself for having done something sinful, wrong, or even immoral. Not all feelings of guilt, however, are legitimate. Sometimes, evil activity in our mindsets can cause guilt to appear for no reason. Have you ever tried to pinpoint the root of guilt? Try to do this, if you struggle with guilt.

Let’s sort out guilt a bit more, so you can have help finding its root.

  • It’s okay to be guilty about disobeying GOD and His Word. This type of guilt is a gift from the Lord, because it’s His way of warning us we’re in dangerous territory and that we need to come back to our first love. Severe consequences could occur if you stray further away from obeying GOD and/or His Word. GOD wants you to obey Him, so He allows guilt in our lives for disobedience. If we turn (repent) and begin obeying Him, then the guilt will dissipate. Don’t ignore GOD’s commands.When something isn’t right in our lives, GOD will warn us through guilt in some ways. Realize this, start obeying GOD, and move forward.
  • Now, bad guilt is a result of wrong thinking, instead of wrong actions. Sometimes we can believe something is a sin, when it isn’t. Sometimes, legalistic churches can impose lies upon people about certain things, or can tell people about unacceptable behavior. However, many times, the legalistic churches don’t Biblically base their “laws or legalities”. This kind of guilt is obviously produced by man, which GOD had nothing to do with. Don’t believe the devil’s lies. Believe only the Word of GOD, and it shall set you free.
  • There are times of false guilt that people can feel. Many times, childhood abuses, past failures, bad accidents, and other unrealistic expectations we fall short of can leave us in guilt. We’re not to blame, but still carry a heavy burden. Many times people believe GOD is punishing them, but realize now that GOD’s grace is alive and can help deal with that false guilt. So, let it be broken in Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Consequences of Guilt

  • ANXIETY. People who have guilt are very anxious.
  • DRIVEN. People who have guilt feel driven to overcome the feeling. Many times it’s a nonstop, bothersome mindset.
  • FEAR. That is, the fear of rejection by GOD.
  • DIVISION. A divided mind, because guilt hinders our thinking and prayer time.
  • INSECURITY. Guilt can keep us from accepting GOD’s protection, love, and provision.
  • DRAIN. It drains the emotions, leaving us without energy.
  • SELF-PUNISHMENT. We like to punish ourselves for feeling guilty.
  • DEPRESSION. Despair may set in, because of guilt.
  • SHAME. The feeling of being inappropriate because of it.
  • ANTI-FELLOWSHIP. It blocks our fellowship with GOD by clouding our mindset.
  • HURT. Relationships may become damaged as a result. This can be brought on by a self-inflicting wall-protection in your heart.
  • ILLNESS. Sustained guilt can take a toll on the body.

The Guilt Resolution

It’s best to identify the source of your guilt and bring it before GOD. Between you and Him, you can pinpoint the issue and solve it. It takes prayer, deep thinking, and patience to accomplish this. It’s hoped that you find the answer to this situation and get the help you need, because our help comes from the Lord.

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