Beating Rejection

Don’t have rejection anymore!

People can be in bondage and not know it. Rejection can cause us to believe so many lies about ourselves. GOD says He is for us and nothing can separate us from Him (Romans 8:31-39). Do your past experiences make you feel different?

You’re not alone in rejection. Many people suffer rejection, some are aware, others are unaware. It can hurt the way we feel about ourselves. It can dig down and hurt our self-esteem.

Many people of the Bible, however, experienced this rejection. The likes of Jesus, Paul, David, Joseph, and Moses each experienced it. It can be painful and devastating. It creates a feeling of being unwanted or even excluded. We often have self-rejection as a result and lose self-respect.

What are some characteristics of rejection?

  • Experience of difficulty in loving other people. Many people that have a lot of built-up rejection in their lives often have trouble loving other people. If someone cannot love themselves, how can they love others?
  • People who don’t have confidence often try to bring other people down.
  • They feel inferior. People feel that they won’t measure up to a certain specification.
  • They can be perfectionists, because they’re afraid if something isn’t right, it’ll be rejected. So, to avoid failure, they strive all the time at perfection.
  • They display an arrogant demeanor, and can act superior to hide their inferiority.
  • They suspect hidden motives of other people instead of trusting them. They form mountains of anti-trust in their heart, making it nearly impossible to trust anyone.
  • They can be overly sensitive. They might misinterpret comments as being unkind, and are easily hurt.
  • Some people in rejection can become depressed.
  • Can adopt sinful practices for relief, such as drugs, alcohol, and sex.
  • They can miss GOD’s plan by rejecting GOD Himself.

Why do people feel rejected?

  • They don’t like their physical flaws, and are afraid people will make fun of them.
  • They feel stupid or unintelligent and feel like people will say the same. Sometimes people who feel rejected have been called stupid or similar name by an important person in their past.
  • The death of a loved one can cause rejection, because it can make a person feel alone. They feel GOD has turned His back on them.
  • Divorce can create rejection, because it’s so painful and causes loneliness at times.
  • Criticism and rejection of our past can shape our future if we allow it.

Overcoming Rejection

The negative feeling must be dealt with once and for all.The Lord has provided a few truths to help you overcome.

  1. A sense of belonging in GOD’s Family. Those that are in the body of Christ are part of GOD’s Family, as we read in Romans 8:16.
  2. A feeling of being worthy by Jesus. Jesus considers us so valuable and wants to spend time with us, that He died on the cross for our sins (John 3:16-18).
  3. Indwelt of the Holy Spirit. When we got saved, the Holy Spirit came to dwell within our heart, which enables us to accomplish the calling of GOD on our lives (Philippians 4:13).
  4. Forgiveness. You can be forgiven right now, if you pray to the Lord about any sins, or other troubles of the past.

GOD’s grace can help rid that rejection of your life. Ask GOD for help in this situation. He will help and it’ll be good for you.

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