About DrJay.org

Jason Pfoutz, who has had a nickname of “Dr Jay” for short, is a servant unto people’s spiritual needs to help them grow closer to God by the redeeming power of Jesus Christ. He hopes to demonstrate good spiritual character, and is a willing vessel for the Lord’s Will.

His core motivation is to be great for the Lord!

Jason’s purpose in eternity is to be a great pastor for God, to which he serves God’s People, evangelizes, and does many other things God has called him to do. He places great emphasis on truth of Scripture, his family, his relationships, and most of all Worshiping God in everything he does!

He does not work in a church currently, but does his ministry freelance. He likes to speak, write, and enjoy life especially with other people. His greatest passion is to teach and preach the Bible, and wants to be well known for his faith in Christ Jesus and that he taught the Bible really well. He believes that all of God’s People should do everything they can to remain alive so that He is glorified in the earth, because this world needs God! Over 2/3 of the world is estimated to be steeped into darkness. We need preachers and teachers!

Jason was called to the ministry when he was twelve years old, and has been working continually to minister to others and do the Lord’s Work in the marketplace, online, offline, and through several other endeavors.

He began in ministry officially part-time through several roles in a few churches, such as janitorial work, ushering, deacon, media, apprenticing under pastors, and serving visiting pastors directly to help their needs.

He continues to press forward as God leads him and is assisted by his wonderful helper, Kelsey.

Few other notes: He began studies at Shalom Bible College and Seminary of West Des Moines, IA. He has received a doctorate degree in divinity as of June 2016.

He works in the IT industry in web development and ministers to people.

He does not believe in the use of titles as Jesus spoke against it in Matthew 23:7-12, and he knows that God alone is “reverend” (Psalm 111:9) and Jesus alone is teacher/master. He believes all Christians are to be in unity as one, with no one higher or lower than the other – for all are brethren in Christ Jesus!

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