My life is useful to God to help people grow closer to Him and experience the bliss of His Love! Expect to transform from Baby Christian to Mature Christian, or if you are mature, then reach greater maturity.

It is not of myself in which I preach and teach, although I do repent when necessary, but it is of God have I been commissioned and I will communicate His Will!

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Deal with the witches and the devil runs

We live in an era where witchcraft has become the new norm. It is now one of the most socially acceptable practices that people don’t even know they’re being drawn into it. However, such practices are of the damned, and will not serve God’s Purposes. You can identify them as the following practices: Channeling (the […]

Where is the Kingdom of GOD?

Jesus Christ told the Pharisees long ago that the Kingdom of GOD comes not by observation, but that it is within you (Luke 17:20-21). What this does NOT mean is that the Kingdom of GOD is literally inside of you. What this DOES mean is that the Kingdom of GOD starts inside of you. Flesh […]

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